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Once you received traffic violation ticket...

The police officer will issue one copy of the traffic violation ticket to the driver and another copy will be sent to court. The court will notify the DMV once they receive the ticket, and henceforth, your traffic violation point will appear on the DMV record. The court will check your driving history record to see if you have gone to traffic school within last 18 months, the period in which you are allowed to attend traffic school only once. If you have not attended traffic school within that time period, the court will assess your bail amount and your traffic school fee, and you may then proceed to enroll in traffic school. Once you successfully finish the course, the course completion will be sent to court, and the court will be notified to the DMV to be marked your traffic point.

Do not touch phone while driving!

You can get pulled over and issued a traffic violation ticket just for holding your cellular phone while you are driving, whether or not you were actually using the phone.

Drivers under the age of eighteen may not speak on the phone at all while driving, even if they employ hands-free headsets.

Los Angeles Court - Handling Your Ticket

This post was written by Leon on October 8, 2017

You may pay the bail amount or fine for your ticket to the Court before the date on the ticket that you are required to appear. The bail on a ticket is the amount of money required to guarantee your appearance in Court. This amount is set by a bail schedule according to your cited violation. You can pay your ticket:

• By Online Services on this website
• By Phone
• By mail
• In person at the court location on your ticket

When you pay the fine and do not appear in court on the date on the ticket:

• The bail is declared forfeited
• The case may be closed
• The ticket information is forwarded to the DMV and recorded on your driving record

REQUEST TRAFFIC SCHOOL, you may qualify if: You have not attended traffic school for a ticket issued within 18 months of the date of this ticket

• Your speed was not 25 mph or more over the posted speed limit
• The offense is a moving (driving) violation
• You were not driving a commercial vehicle or carrying hazardous material and
• You have a valid driver’s license.
• To sign up, pay the bail amount listed on your notice and an additional non-refundable traffic school processing fee.

Some violations require a mandatory court appearance and cannot be paid online or by phone.