Did You Know?

Once you received traffic violation ticket...

The police officer will issue one copy of the traffic violation ticket to the driver and another copy will be sent to court. The court will notify the DMV once they receive the ticket, and henceforth, your traffic violation point will appear on the DMV record. The court will check your driving history record to see if you have gone to traffic school within last 18 months, the period in which you are allowed to attend traffic school only once. If you have not attended traffic school within that time period, the court will assess your bail amount and your traffic school fee, and you may then proceed to enroll in traffic school. Once you successfully finish the course, the course completion will be sent to court, and the court will be notified to the DMV to be marked your traffic point.

Do not touch phone while driving!

You can get pulled over and issued a traffic violation ticket just for holding your cellular phone while you are driving, whether or not you were actually using the phone.

Drivers under the age of eighteen may not speak on the phone at all while driving, even if they employ hands-free headsets.

How It Works
1. To start the course click on the "Register" button side of this page, or on the
    menu bar.
2. Select the state, county and court in which the ticket was received.
3. Fill out the registration form.
4. After the registration process, you must pay the course fee to begin. We guarantee that the
     registered information of your credit or debit card is never shared, and that all transactions are
     wired securely.(All major credit cards, and debit cards with a Visa or Master Card logo are
     accepted online). If you feel uncomfortable sending your billing information over the internet,
     you can also mail a check to our office.
5. When the course is completed, your official certificate of completion will be reported to the
     Traffic Violator Course Completion(TVCC) Database, DMV within 2-3 business day.
About the Course
The course is designed for students who wish to take a traffic course from home and on their own time. There are eight chapters in total, and a final exam at the end. The California DMV requires for every student to be given only two chances to pass the course by scoring at least 70% right: if a student fails Final Exam A, then there is another opportunity to pass Final Exam B. Your final examination will be graded immediately. If you fail both exams, you will have to enroll and pay for another course, here or at another school. But don’t worry about not passing. Our course is designed to help you pass with ease.
Internet Lesson
  - English: $29.99 [ONE PRICE: NO HIDDEN COST]
    Included Course, Exam, Report Completion to the Court

Union Traffic School will charge each student one fee that includes all costs associated with the student’s taking of the course, including, but not limited to: delivery of the course to the student; the grading and validation of the student’s answers to the course quizzes, course validation questions and final examination; the processing and transmittal of the student’s certificate to the DMV ; and student notification of successful course completion. No additional fee shall be charged to the student by Union Traffic School.
Additional Service & Price
If you want to receive a record of course completion and want to check the records reported in the DMV Database.

1. Report your Traffic School Completion in 2~3 business days to DMV TVCC.
2. Proof of Record - Provide Date and Sequence No. of Report to DMV TVCC (What's this?)
3. Copy of Traffic School Completion to you (What's this?)

* We will send 2 & 3 in 2-3 business days via e-mail after completion

Backup Service that includes gold service, reports on the same data and verifies court and DMV records 30 days after completion.

1. Including Gold Service
2. Same day Report to DMV TVCC (If you complete the course after 5PM PST, the following business day in the morning)
3. Court Record - Proof of Traffic School Completion (What's this?)
4. Completion Tracker - Provides Proof of Report & Date of Processing by DMV TVCC (What's this?)

* We will send Court Record & Completion Tracker after 14 business days via e-mail or mail after completion to you

Certificate Shipping Method & Price
As long as you complete and pass the course by traffic school due date, we immediately begin processing your course completion information and report will be sent directly to the TVCC Database, California DMV at no extra cost to you.

Effective July 2, 2012, all court production systems must be updated, logged in, and using the Traffic Violator Course Completion (TVCC) database. Traffic Violator Schools must begin using the TVCC database to report TVS completions as of August 1, 2012.

As of September 1, 2012:
   Traffic Violator Schools will stop issuing paper completion certificates.
   Courts will not accept paper completion certificates.


Regular Mail:$ 5.00
3-10 Business Days to Most Areas. Ground shipments will be via UPS or USPS.

2nd Day: $30.00
Orders placed by 11AM PST / 2PM EST deliver 2nd Business Day by 7:00 PM