Did You Know?

Once you received traffic violation ticket...

The police officer will issue one copy of the traffic violation ticket to the driver and another copy will be sent to court. The court will notify the DMV once they receive the ticket, and henceforth, your traffic violation point will appear on the DMV record. The court will check your driving history record to see if you have gone to traffic school within last 18 months, the period in which you are allowed to attend traffic school only once. If you have not attended traffic school within that time period, the court will assess your bail amount and your traffic school fee, and you may then proceed to enroll in traffic school. Once you successfully finish the course, the course completion will be sent to court, and the court will be notified to the DMV to be marked your traffic point.

Do not touch phone while driving!

You can get pulled over and issued a traffic violation ticket just for holding your cellular phone while you are driving, whether or not you were actually using the phone.

Drivers under the age of eighteen may not speak on the phone at all while driving, even if they employ hands-free headsets.


This post was written by Leon on September 21, 2010

Please note that home study traffic school is NOT permitted for the following:

1. If you have been ordered by the Court to take a 12-hour traffic school course.
2. If you are a minor (under the age of 21) or juvenile driver (under the age of 18) without a permit, an instruction permits a provisional driver's license or junior permit.
3. If you have attended traffic school on a previous violation that occurred within the last 18 months, and have been approved for traffic school by a judicial officer. (If this applies to you and you would like to take home study traffic school, you must appear in court and make your request to take home study traffic school to a judicial officer.)

If you need a time extension, you must contact the court which referred you to traffic school. Neither the CDC nor the DMV have the authority to grant any time extensions. You may also request an extension from the court via the internet at www.lasuperiorcourt.org.

You must return the original traffic school completion certificate to the court by the due date. However, if you attended an approved internet/home study school, the school will send the original completion certificate directly to the court. NOT SEND THE COMPLETION CERTIFICATE TOCDC/TVSM .

In addition to the court fees, a class fee will be charged by the school. While the overall traffic safety information imparted is similar, the methods of instruction and class fees vary. You may call a variety of schools to determine what school you wish to attend.

With the exception of class cancellations due to exigent circumstances beyond the control of the traffic violator school, should a traffic violator school fail to provide notification of class cancellation to affected students a minimum of 72 hours prior to the start of class, the school shall refer affected students to the County/CDC’s published Classroom Location List or other court approved list for selection of another traffic school, or offer an alternate class or location at a fee not to exceed the cost of the Completion Certificate, which currently is $1.50.

All classes must consist of 400 minutes of instruction, excluding time for registration, breaks, and lunch. It is illegal for a traffic violator instructor to intentionally cut the instruction time short.

Traffic Violator School (California Vehicle Code-CVC: 42005) allows commercial drivers to attend traffic violator school (TVS) for violations that take place when operating non-commercial vehicles. The conviction would not count as a point for determining whether a driver is presumed to be a negligent operator unless it was considered a serious violation. The record of the conviction would not be held confidential and would be disclosed to employers,and to insurers for insurance underwriting and rating purposes.